Why doesn’t Garth Brooks put all his albums on Spotify?

Garth Brooks has become an unexpected king of Spotify, racking up over 1 billion streams despite not even having his full catalog on the platform. So how did the country superstar get to be worth so much on the popular music streaming service?

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There are a few key factors at play.

1. Massive Catalog Driven Streams

First and foremost, Garth Brooks simply has a massive catalog of hit music that continues to draw listeners in. With over 148 million records sold worldwide, he is one of the best-selling artists of all time. Even without all of his albums available to stream, Garth still has plenty of his most popular songs on Spotify, like “Friends in Low Places,” “The Thunder Rolls,” and “Shameless.”

These timeless country hits rack up millions of streams each month. The more songs an artist has on a service, the more opportunities they have to accrue streams.

2. Loyal Fan Base Streaming Old Favorites

Garth Brooks also has an incredibly loyal fanbase that has stuck with him for decades. Many long-time fans are still streaming his classic 90s hits in heavy rotation, driving up his Spotify numbers.

Older listeners in particular have flocked to Spotify to re-engage with music from their youth. For the nostalgic Garth faithful, streaming his songs on demand is an easy way to relive fond musical memories.

3. Popularity Persists Thanks to Recent Touring

Another reason Brooks remains worth so much on Spotify is that he has maintained his popularity thanks to heavy touring over the last decade. Even though he took a long hiatus from recording music, he returned to major touring in 2009 and has broken ticket sales records around the world since.

This has helped him gain new fans and has kept him highly visible in the public eye. His active touring keeps his classic catalog fresh in fans’ minds, leading many to revisit his hits on Spotify.

4. Exclusive Deal Boosts Streaming Numbers

In 2021, Garth Brooks struck an exclusive deal to bring some of his albums to Spotify for the first time. This included classic records like Fresh Horses, Sevens, and Scarecrow. By having exclusive access to these albums, Spotify saw Brooks’ streaming numbers shoot up dramatically.

Fans flocked to hear full albums that weren’t available previously, immediately sending his popularity skyrocketing on the platform. The exclusivity factor gave Brooks a huge boost on Spotify.

5. Pop Adoration Reached Beyond Country Fans

While Brooks is often thought of as purely a country artist, the reality is his appeal has always reached far beyond just country music fans. With his sing-along anthems and arena rock-inspired live shows, Brooks has won over plenty of pop and rock fans over the decades too.

This expands his potential streaming audience beyond just the country genre. His wide-reaching pop adoration continues to drive high Spotify streaming numbers as fans of all kinds re-engage with his accessible hits.


In summary, Garth Brooks has become a streaming juggernaut thanks to his massive song catalog, enduring fandom, touring visibility, exclusive deal with the Spotify premium app, and rare pop music appeal.

With these factors all combined, it’s no wonder he has become worth so much on Spotify, despite having an incomplete collection of albums. His music resonates with people as much as ever, making him one of the unlikely kings of streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does Garth Brooks have so many streams when he is mainly popular with older fans?

While Brooks does have an older fanbase, he still has broad appeal across demographics. Many younger listeners are drawn to his hits too through Spotify playlists and recommendations. Also, older fans stream a lot on Spotify since it allows them to revisit music from their youth.

How has Garth Brooks’ music stayed so popular decades after his peak success?

Brooks’ catalog of songs has become timeless hits that span generations. His concerts continuously bring in new fans. His popularity persists because his songs have become country classics that never go out of style.

Why doesn’t Garth Brooks put all his albums on Spotify?

Brooks has held back putting his full catalog on Spotify and other streaming services because he feels streaming does not compensate artists fairly. He has negotiated exclusives to release certain albums in a limited capacity. This selective approach maintains his negotiating power.

Has Garth Brooks’ success on Spotify surprised the industry?

Yes, Brooks achieving over 1 billion streams was a big surprise since he is seen as an artist tied to a CD-era sound. But it demonstrates how potent nostalgia is on Spotify. Fans love having unlimited access to re-engage with hits from their youth.

What has been Garth Brooks’ response to his streaming popularity?

Brooks sees Spotify’s success as a double-edged sword. He is grateful to keep reaching fans but still believes artists deserve more compensation from streaming services. So while proud of his popularity, he continues advocating for higher artist payouts.

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